Hello Love!    

Hi! I’m Jamie Rogers, I look forward to meeting you! I grew up on Long Island, NY and currently reside in Orange County, NY with my husband and our two daughters. My journey into the world of hair is quite unique. I took cosmetology in high school at BOCES on Long Island, although my hair career wouldn’t start for many years to come. After high school I began a career in Property Management in NYC. Fast forward ten years and two children, I wanted a change. I decided to pursue my cosmetology license, and I have been so grateful for that choice ever since.

I have always thrived in anything mechanical, anything that required “doing”. Hair is all about the mechanics. Then there is the science aspect that comes in to play when working with hair color. Science was always my favorite subject. Color is a work of art; it takes time, patience and know-how. Color is a challenge, it’s a very intricate equation of levels and tones combined to achieve greatness. Figuring out color combinations and placement to make for a beautiful masterpiece fills my soul. Stepping back and admiring my work when it’s completed lights me up inside.


If you were to ask my clients what they love most about spending time with me, why they chose me, I believe my patience and awareness would be at the top of their list; followed closely with my sense of humor. I work in an intimate setting, with a very warm and calming atmosphere. Having a private suite allows my clients to fully relax and catch their breath.


My greatest passion besides actually doing hair has to be talking hair and figuring out the “why’s” and “how’s?”, this led me to pursue education. I am a Pravana Artistic Educator, I teach color in various salons and distributors in NY, NJ, CT and PA.  Teaching provides the opportunity to step out of my suite, to interact with other stylists, and to pass on the knowledge from my predecessors and learn from those around me.

When you find what you love, run with it, that’s what I did when I began my career as hairstylist and that’s what I continue to do every day going forward.

Have a beautiful day 

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